SR-22 Insurance in South Carolina

Posted September 28th, 2018 by Amy Danise

An SR-22 certificate is proof that you have auto insurance. If you're required to have an SR-22, your auto insurance company will need to file one with the state. But not all insurers will do SR-22 insurance.

You could be required to have SR-22 insurance in South Carolina for three years if:

  • Your driver's license was suspended after a major traffic conviction. Major convictions include DUIs, reckless driving and manslaughter while operating a motor vehicle.
  • You have an unsatisfied judgment, meaning a court order to pay something that you haven't paid.
  • You were driving without insurance.
  • Your license is suspended because you have 12 or more points against it.
  • You've been in a car accident.

Source: Insurance Industry Committee on Motor Vehicle Administration

You can check the points against your license online through the South Carolina DMV.

Cheap SR-22 insurance in South Carolina

The fee for filing an SR-22 is generally a small administrative fee. But that doesn't mean you can close your wallet. If your license was suspended there's a reinstatement fee of at least $100 in South Carolina. And you can expect a car insurance rate increase, depending on the type of violation that led to the SR-22. Accidents and tickets both generally lead to rate increases.

Still, you can look for cheap SR-22 insurance in South Carolina by comparing quotes. Also, keep your driving record clean so you can return to normal insurance rates when your SR-22 period and insurance surcharges end.