EverDrive™ 2.0 is here!

In April 2016, we launched a safe driving app that’s helped drivers across the nation become safer behind the wheel. EverDrive runs in the background on iOS and Android phones and automatically detects when you’re driving. It’s a fun, easy, and free way to track your driving habits and find out what you can change to be safer on the road, all while competing with your friends and family. Drivers are given a star rating for each trip and can view their average score (out of 100 points). Leaderboards allow for drivers to see how they stack up against drivers in their city or town. Not only do you get bragging rights, you may also qualify for cheaper insurance!

So, what’s new with EverDrive?

Well, we’re a little bit prettier. We’ve given EverDrive an improved, sleek, and modern design that makes it even easier to track your performance. We’re also smarter! Our trends tab lets you see how your safe driving performance improves over time. We’re friendly, too! Never has it been so easy and hassle-free to invite your friends and contacts to EverDrive.

Be better behind the wheel.

EverDrive is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play

EverDrive Safe Driving App 2.0 screenshots iOS Android

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