Most people shop around for a good price when choosing a car insurance company, but customer satisfaction is also a valuable measurement.

We surveyed current customers of 15 large auto insurance companies to ask about shopping for car insurance and customer satisfaction. We also asked customers whether they would choose the same company again.

USAA was the only insurer to score five stars overall, and for price and customer service, making it the best car insurance company among large insurers.

There are also smaller and regional car insurers that offer good prices and customer service.

Overall satisfaction rankings

Rank Company Overall satisfaction Would you choose the same company again?

5 stars

Yes: 89% Maybe: 9% No: 2%
2 Allstate

4.5 stars

Yes: 59% Maybe: 35% No: 6%
3 AAA Insurance 4.5 stars Yes: 83% Maybe: 11% No: 5%
4 CSAA Insurance Exchange 4.5 stars Yes: 89% Maybe: 10% No: 1%
5 Erie Insurance 4.5 stars Yes: 77% Maybe: 21% No: 1%
6 Geico 4.5 stars Yes: 68% Maybe: 32% No: 1%
7 Progressive 4.5 stars Yes: 53% Maybe: 41% No: 7%
8 State Farm 4.5 stars Yes: 56% Maybe: 39% No: 5%
9 Travelers 4.5 stars Yes: 72% Maybe: 23% No: 5%
10 American Family 4 stars Yes: 81% Maybe: 14% No: 5%
11 Farmers Insurance 4 stars Yes: 67% Maybe: 27% No: 5%
12 Liberty Mutual 4 stars Yes: 65% Maybe: 28% No: 7%
13 Mercury Insurance 3.5 stars Yes: 97% Maybe: 3% No: 1%
14 Nationwide Insurance 3.5 stars Yes: 63% Maybe: 32% No: 5%
15 Safeco 3.5 stars Yes: 76% Maybe: 23% No: 1%
Source: EverQuote, based on a March 2018 survey of 2,252 current auto insurance customers of the companies.

Note that USAA is open only to active and former military, their eligible family members, and cadets and midshipmen.

Most likely to be chosen again

Among the companies included in the survey, these three had the highest percentage of current customers who said they would choose the same auto insurance company again.

Company I would choose them again
Mercury 97%
CSAA Insurance 89%
USAA 89%

Best car insurance companies for price satisfaction

Among customers we surveyed, 42% said they wished they had shopped around for prices more when buying auto insurance.

CSAA Insurance and USAA are best auto insurance companies for price satisfaction among large insurers, with customers giving both companies five stars on average.

Best car insurance companies for price satisfaction

If you're shopping for the best car insurance price, it's good to get quotes from multiple companies. Auto insurance rates can vary widely among companies and for different locations, driving records and other personal factors. The company with the best price for your neighbor may not have a good deal for you.

In fact, not shopping around for prices was the biggest regret among those we surveyed: 42% said they wished they had shopped around more for rates the last time they bought auto insurance.

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Top car insurance company for customer service

USAA customers we surveyed ranked its customer service five stars, putting it at the top of the list.

Best car insurance companies for customer service satisfaction

Best car insurance company websites

We asked customers whether they had used their insurers' websites to get information about either car insurance or their own policies. Among those who had (77% of customers surveyed), the Geico and USAA sites received the highest marks.

Best car insurance company websites

How did you choose your current car insurance company?

I shopped around for a good price 58%
I wanted a well-known brand name 35%
It was recommended by a friend or family member 29%
I looked at online customer reviews 23%
I considered ads/commercials 20%
I looked at ratings for customer satisfaction 19%
I wanted certain coverage options 17%
It was the company my parents had 11%
None of the above 2%
Source: EverQuote, based on a survey of 2,252 auto insurance customers in March 2018. Respondents could choose more than one answer.


EverQuote surveyed 2,252 current customers of large auto insurance companies in March 2018. The survey was not open to the public on