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8 Places to Go With Your Car Before Summer Ends

Alexis O'Connell

Photo by Matthew Rutledge

If you’ve spent this week wondering where in the heck July went, welcome to the club.

These fleeting, sun-soaked summer months never fail to fly by. But before your premature nostalgia kicks in, there’s time to put some fun auto outings on the books for August.

While it’s still appropriate to drive with the top down and the summer jams blaring, take these eight excursions in your car.

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Eat at a Drive-Up Diner

If Sonic’s commercials haven’t already enticed you to take a trip to your nearest drive-up diner, now’s the time. The magic of a retro-style diner is in full swing on a nice summer night.

Rollerblading carhops, in addition to delivering milkshakes and hamburgers right to your car window, will whisk you back a few decades.

Photo by chicagogeek

Watch a Movie at the Drive-In

Drive-in theaters are becoming a rare specialty. If there’s one within driving distance, capitalize on your opportunity to take in a movie while lounging in the comfort of your own car.

You can locate drive-in theaters using www.drive-ins.com. Save room for hot dogs and popcorn.

Photo by Matthew Rutledge

Road Trip

Let’s face it: you and your friends have been talking about pulling a Jack Kerouac for a while. Don’t put it off until next summer. Get away for one weekend in August to enjoy the open road and the last of the warm weather.

Before you go, make sure to check out our summer car care tips. You can use roadtrippers to plan your route without missing any attractions.


Photo by William Warby

Visit a National Park

The flora and fauna are also soaking up the sun, making it a great time to visit one of America’s national parks. Pack a picnic and your binoculars to enjoy a day among the wildlife.

Find a park near you with on the National Park Service website.

Photo by Matt Cullen

Take a Midnight Drive

Never underestimate the soothing effects of a late night drive. Solo or with friends, a midnight drive on a nice summer night can put your mind at ease after a frazzling day.

Be sure to buckle up and drive safely.

Photo from ‘Drive’ via FilmDistrict Distribution, LLC


Ah, camping—another time honored summer tradition for reconnecting with nature. Jet out of the city in your trusty car to squeeze in one more outdoor adventure and a few more nights under the stars.

If you can’t get away, bust out the tent and some s’mores in your own background.


Photo by Arup Malakar


Food tastes better when you’ve lovingly packed it into a cooler and loaded in into your trunk. Make sure to cross a tailgate, the picnic’s beefier relative, off of your summer bucket list.

Tailgating an outdoor summer concert will warm you up for football season.


Photo by Sam Howzit

Hit the Beach

This one’s a no-brainer. You’ll definitely want to pack in another beach day before the end of summer.

Return to an old favorite or check out a new beach. Last call for tanning, swimming, and sandy toes!