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About NJM Insurance

NJM (New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Co.) was founded in 1913 and today is a large provider in New Jersey of personal auto, personal property and workers comp insurance.

NJM sells auto, homeowners and renters insurance in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. It also sells commercial auto insurance in New Jersey and workers comp in Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.

NJM is based in West Trenton, New Jersey.

Every insurance company must file its car insurance rates and policies in each state where it operates. We reviewed NJM's state filings to bring you the inside scoop on coverage choices, discounts, fees and surcharges, including information you won't find on NJM's website.

NJM auto insurance

NJM offers all the fundamental coverage types you'd expect such as liability, collision, comprehensive and uninsured motorist coverage.

Here's a look at whether NJM offers certain additional auto insurance options.

SR-22 filings

Proof of financial responsibility.

Gap insurance
Also called auto loan/lease coverage. This can pay the difference between the value of a totaled or stolen car and what's still owed on a car loan or lease.
Yes, in Pennsylvania
Usage-based insurance
Insurance with rates based on driving habits, such as hard braking.
Yes, SafeDrive
Non-owner insurance

Liability insurance for people who don't own vehicles.

Rideshare insurance

Extra coverage for Uber drivers and others.

Source: EverQuote research. Product options might not be available in all states.

NJM insurance discounts

We reviewed state insurance department filings to find the details of NJM insurance discounts. Note that these discounts may not be available in all states.

Good student
For full-time students with a B average or better, or other academic criteria.

Defensive driving course
For customers who completed an approved class in the last 36 months.

Additional vehicles in a one-driver household
A discount if one driver has more than one car.

Anti-theft device or vehicle-recovery system

Passive restraint
For a factory-installed restraint system such as air bags.

Anti-lock brakes

For insuring more than one vehicle.

NJM surcharges

Auto insurance companies typically raise rates if you have certain problems, such as moving violations and at-fault accidents. Insurers must disclose their surcharges in state filings.

In New Jersey NJM assigns "penalty points" that can result in surcharges. In New Jersey there are penalty points for:

  • Violations/convictions in the three years before an auto insurance application, or three years ending 90 days before a current policy expires that's being renewed.
  • At-fault accidents that resulted in an insurance payment of $1,000 or more in the three years before an application, or three years ending 90 days before a current policy expires that's being renewed.
  • Driving experience for those who have been licensed less than three years.
  • Driver's license suspension.
  • Cancellation because of non-payment.

NJM subsidiaries

These companies are part of New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Co.:

  • New Jersey Casualty Insurance Co.
  • New Jersey Indemnity Insurance Co.
  • New Jersey Re-Insurance Co.

Insurance filings source: S&P Global Market Intelligence

Posted Dec. 6, 2018

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