The data shows that the most popular cars in Georgia are nearly the same as the for the average across all 50 states.


Rank Georgia   United States
1 Honda Accord   Honda Accord
2 Toyota Camry   Toyota Camry
3 Nissan Altima   Nissan Altima
4 Chevrolet Impala   Honda Civic
5 Ford F150   Ford F150
6 Honda Civic   Chevrolet Impala
7 Toyota Corolla   Toyota Corolla
8 Chevrolet Malibu   Chevrolet Silverado
9 Ford Explorer   Chevrolet Malibu
10 Nissan Sentra   Ford Explorer
11 Chevrolet Silverado   Ford Focus
12 Ford Focus   Ford Taurus
13 Ford Taurus   Hyundai Sonata
14 Nissan Maxima   Dodge Ram 1500
15 Hyundai Sonata   Jeep Grand Cherokee
16 Ford Mustang   Nissan Sentra
17 Dodge Ram 1500   Ford Escape
18 Ford Expedition   Ford Mustang
19 Jeep Grand Cherokee   Ford Fusion
20 Ford Fusion   Hyundai Elantra

Note: This data is based on approximately 1 million consumers that have visited EverQuote web sites and filled out forms seeking new auto insurance. As such the data may be skewed due to the nature of self-reporting or fact that it is part of an online auto insurance quote form.