Fees for Standard Georgia License Plates

These fees do not include sales tax, mailing fees, title fees, etc.

Passenger Vehicles (cars, trucks, vans): $20

Motorcycle: $20

Trailer: $12

Permanent trailer plate: $48

Taxicab: $25

For fees for other vehicle types or more details visit the Georgia Department of Revenue.

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Specialty & Custom Vanity Plates

There are many specialty plates available in Georgia and you may be able customize the license tag number.  What is often called a vanity plate is a "Special Prestige License Plate" in Georgia.

The most common types include:

  • Alternative Fuel
  • Georgia Colleges and State Universities
  • Military Veteran
  • Motorcycle
  • Other
  • Special Interest
  • Standard

To get a complete listing and the rules and fees visit the Choose Plate Category.