Renewal Options for Your Illinois Driver's License

  • Online Services: Apply online for Illinois driver's licenses.
  • Physical Mail: If you received an invitation through the mail, you can then renew by mail if you would like.  Follow all the instructions on the form you should have received as part of the invitation.
  • By Phone: If you are eligible to apply online you can also call by phone to renew.
  • In Person: Anyone can visit an SOS office for renewals.

How Often Do I Need to Renew My Illinois Driver's License?

Not everyone's license needs to be renewed after the same length of time. 

  • Drivers under age 21 - Licenses expire 3 months after your 21st birthday
  • Drivers aged 12 to 80 - Licenses are valid for 4 years and expire on your birthday
  • Drivers aged 81 through 86 - Licenses are valid for 2 years and expire on your birthday
  • Drivers aged 87 and older - Licenses are valid for 1 year and expire on your birthday

Requirements for an In-Person Renewal

There are a number of conditions that require you to renew your driver's license in person.  If any of the following are true, you will need to visit a Secretary of State's office to renew your license.

  • You hold a Commercial Driver's License (CDL).
  • Your driver's license or privilege to obtain a driver's license is suspended, revoked, canceled or refused in any state.
  • You are not between the ages of 22 and 74.
  • Your license has been expired more than one (1) year.
  • You participated in the Safe Driver Renewal program at your last renewal.
  • You have already renewed.
  • You are required to submit an updated medical and/or vision report.
  • You are a School Bus Permit holder.
  • Your driving record reflects any conviction, supervision, accident and/or withdrawal.
  • You have been prescribed corrective lenses (eyeglasses/contacts) for driving since your last renewal.
  • You wish to change the classification or restrictions on your driver's license.
  • You hold a driver's license in any other state.
  • Your driver's license is being held by a court in lieu of bail.
  • Your legal name or gender has changed.

In-Person Renewal Details

If you are not eligible to renew online, by phone or by mail, you must visit an SOS office in person.

You will need the following documents to renew in person:

  • An ID to prove your identity
  • Social security number
  • Proof of Illinois residency
  • If required to take a driving examination, you must present proof of liability insurance on your vehicle.

What You Will Need to Do When Renewing In Person

  • Provide the documentation described in the previous section.
  • Take a vision screening test.
  • If you are 75 or older, you must take a driving exam.
  • Everyone must take a written exam every eight years unless you have no traffic convictions.

For More Information visit the CyberDriveIllinois website.