The 2016 Summer Olympics is upon us and we thought it was only fitting to see how our own U.S. states and cities ranked up next to each other. By analyzing EverDrive data from drivers across the states, we determined where the best drivers live based on the following categories: phone use or distracted driving, speeding, cornering, braking and acceleration.

See where your state ranks up. Take a look at these Safe Driving Olympians, and congratulations to the city medalists.EverDrive Logo

2016 EverDrive Summer Olympics Results

Top Cities for No Distracted Driving:

  1. Gold: Bloomington, Minnesota (94.3)
  2. Silver: Westford, Massachusetts (90.9)
  3. Bronze: Loudoun, Virginia (86.2)

Top Cities for Safe Speeds:

  1. Gold: Independence, Missouri (97.7)
  2. Silver: Richmond, Virginia (95.3)
  3. Bronze: Douglas, Colorado (94.2)

Top Cities for Best Cornering:

  1. Gold: Richmond, Virginia (94.6)
  2. Silver: Westford, Massachusetts (93)
  3. Bronze: Kings, New York (92.1)

Top Cities for Easy Braking:

  1. Gold: Moorhead, Minnesota (90.5)
  2. Silver: Chesapeake, Virginia (87.7)
  3. Bronze: Westford, Massachusetts (87.6)

Top Cities for Easy Acceleration:

  1. Gold: Richmond, Virginia (93.5)
  2. Silver: Westford, Massachusetts (92.2)
  3. Bronze: Irving, Texas (91.1)

Which State Won the EverDrive Olympics?Virginia

Virginia won the most events for a total of 5 medals—2 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze—making the state the safest place to drive in the United States.

The state had the highest cornering and acceleration score and placed well in the other EverDrive categories. Minnesota and Massachusetts followed closely behind. Congratulations to all the states that have safe drivers and won medals!

Why Safe Driving Should Be an Olympic Sport

It’s not easy! Safe driving requires expertise, knowledge and training (just like any Olympic sport). Wondering how you can get better? First, test your skills. Then see which areas you can improve upon and keep driving and practicing until you get there. Having an encouraging coach or two, and a little competition might help as well. Try creating a leaderboard with your friends on EverDrive to compete and see who the true Olympians are.  

Safe driving takes skill and considering the number of lives at stake each day on the roadways, we truly appreciate all the drivers out there that do drive carefully. It’s not easy in this world of distraction to consciously put your phone away and stay focused on the roads, but it’s important that you choose to do so. Thanks to all the drivers out there that do work to end distracted driving and create safer roads—you deserve a medal, too.