What Causes Road Rage & How to Stay Calm

Posted June 25th, 2015 by Ashley Kane

Summertime is the season of beautiful weather, abundant cookouts, beach days, and…traffic.  Lots and lots of traffic. Along with that comes a not so healthy dose of road rage. Maybe it’s the car on your tail, frustratingly close to your bumper, or the vehicle with a nice “Baby on Board” bumper sticker whose driver is texting. There’s also those times when it’s the most gorgeous day of the year and you’re stuck behind a snail driver who is far below the speed limit. There are hundreds of little things that can set us off on the road and the results are dangerous.

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Expedia recently published their 2015 Road Rage Report, detailing some of the most road rage-inducing behaviors. Here are the stats that cause all of the anger: 

  • “The Texter” at 26%
  • “The Tailgater” at 13%
  • “The Left-Lane Hog” at 12%
  • “The Crawler” at 10%
  • “The Multi-Tasker” at 7%
  • “The Drifter” at 7%

As you can see, there are a multitude of behaviors that can cause us fickle drivers to flip out. Yet, even if you’re someone that considers road rage inevitable, there are some facts you should know about. Aggressive behaviors account for over half of all accident fatalities, meaning your rage can make you a risky and hazardous driver. Not to mention that stressing out and letting your fury boil over isn’t so great for your health. As we head out on vacations this summer and deal with frustrations on the road, here are some tips for you.

How to Stay Calm:

angry male driver in carWe know how angering drivers can be. We know what it’s like to be in a rush and to want to be home faster so that you can relax and have all that summer fun. However, try to avoid the desperate state of rage. You will get where you need to go.

One startling statistic is that 97% of Americans see themselves as careful drivers. Yet, only 29% believe that other drivers deserve that same level of esteem. Something to think about, right?

For the times when you really know it’s the other drivers , forget about the obscene gestures and provocative words. Here’s what you can do to prevent road rage:

  • Listen to Music 

Put on one of your favorite songs or just dial up the radio volume to help calm down.

  • Remember to Breathe 

Breathe deeply. Remind yourself that you actually will get where you need to go if you stay relaxed.

  • Think About Something Else 

Stay focused on the road but try to advert your thoughts to any other topic than the behavior that is driving you nuts.

  • Stop Rushing 

Leave yourself time to get places. This will save you anxiety, prevent you from nitpicking other drivers and keep everyone safe.

There you have it. Drive sanely and calmly to avoid accidents and you’ll have the added bonus of keeping your car insurance rates low. Here’s to happy, stressless summer road travels

Photo credit (top image): Sakeeb Sabakka, MPD01605

Photo credit (in-line): John Greenfield