Where Does Your State Rank in Violations Compared to the Nation?

If you have recent traffic violations, it will usually mean an increase in your auto insurance premiums.  Insurance companies look at your driving record, location, age and other factors when providing car insurance quotes.  The following data shows some interesting ratios of how often your state's residents are cited for particular violations compared to the national average.

As an example to understand this table, in California there are 2.2 times as many cited violations for speeding over 100 mph than the national average. This does not mean that there are actually that many more people speeding so fast. It could mean that other states have weaker laws, no similar violations or that California has stronger enforcement for this violation.

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Violation Type Compared to Nationwide Average
Illegal U-turn 2.3
Speeding Over 100 2.2
Hit and Run - Injury 1.7
Failure to Stop 1.7
Chargeable Accident - Injury 1.5
Drunk Driving - Injury 1.3
Drunk Driving - no Injury 1.2
Speeding 1.0
Suspension 1.0
Chargeable Accident - no Injury 1.0
Other Minor 1.0
Speed Contest/Exhibition 1.0
Hit and Run - no Injury 0.9
Other Yield 0.8
Non-Chargeable Accident 0.6
Reckless Driving - no Injury 0.6
Child Seat 0.6
Driving While Suspended/Revoked 0.6
Seat Belt 0.5
Reckless Driving - injury 0.5


Note: This data is based on approximately 1 million consumers that have visited EverQuote web sites and filled out forms seeking new auto insurance.  As such the data may be skewed due to the nature of self-reporting or fact that it is part of an online auto insurance quote form.