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About Dairyland

Dairyland specializes in insuring high-risk customers, especially those looking for policies with only state-required minimum limits. High-risk customers can include those who have had accidents, tickets or lapses in auto insurance. These "nonstandard car insurance" customers can have difficulty finding insurance.

Dairyland is owned by Sentry and operates in 45 states.

Dairyland Insurance overview

Every insurance company must file its auto insurance rates and policies in each state where it operates. We reviewed Dairyland's filings in many states to bring you the inside scoop on coverage options, discounts, fees and surcharges.

Dairyland offers a full slate of auto insurance options including liability, comprehensive, collision, uninsured motorist, rental reimbursement, and roadside assistance coverage. It also sells motorcycle insurance and commercial vehicle insurance.

Here's a look at whether Dairyland offers certain other auto insurance options.

SR-22 filings

Proof of financial responsibility.

Gap insurance
Also called auto loan/lease coverage. This can pay the difference between the value of a totaled or stolen car and what's still owed on a car loan or lease.
Usage-based insurance
Insurance with rates based on driving habits, such as hard braking.
Non-owner insurance

Liability insurance for people who don't own vehicles.

Rideshare insurance

Extra coverage for Uber drivers and others.

Source: EverQuote research. Product options might not be available in all states.

More Dairyland options

Accidental death coverage: Pays a benefit if a person covered by the policy is killed in a car accident.

Special equipment coverage: Covers the value of add-on or custom equipment. It's available for customers who have comprehensive and collision insurance.

Dairyland insurance discounts

We reviewed state filings to find the details of Dairyland discounts. Note that these discounts may not be available in all states.


Prior insurance
For new customers who had previous auto insurance for at least six months before switching to Dairyland.

Defensive driver course
For customers age 55 and older who complete an approved accident-prevention course.

Anti-theft device


Paid in full

Advanced quote
For new customers who get a quote on the Dairyland website at least seven days before the policy effective date and who have had prior insurance for at least six months.

Dairyland fees

Saving money is important to many car insurance shoppers, so be aware of fees that could add to your total cost. Here are the types of fees that may be charged by Dairyland:

  • Reinstatement fee for a policy restarted with no lapse in coverage.
  • Rewrite fee for a policy restarted after a lapse in coverage.
  • Billing fee on all invoices.
  • Late fee for late payments.
  • Returned payment fee.

Dairyland Insurance surcharges

Auto insurance companies typically raise rates if you have certain problems, such as moving violations and at-fault accidents.

Dairyland assigns points to accident and violations to help determine rates, with the number of points based on the severity of the problem. Examples are:

  • Chargeable accidents where a claim was paid under liability or collision coverage.
  • Speeding.
  • Major violations such as attempting to elude an officer, hit and run, and reckless driving.
  • Minor violations such as following too closely, failure to yield and illegal turns.
  • Driving without a license.
  • Driving while intoxicated.

Some types of accidents are typically considered "not-at-fault" and won't lead to a surcharge. These include accidents when:

  • You were legally parked.
  • Damage is from hitting a bird or animal
  • You were rear-ended by someone and you did not receive a moving violation for the incident.
  • The other driver got a moving violation and you did not.
  • You were reimbursed by the other party for damage.

In addition, Dairyland has surcharges that can apply to:

Business use of a vehicle.

Unverifiable driving record: If your driving record can't be verified through a DMV.

Insurance filings source: S&P Global Market Intelligence

Updated Aug. 6, 2019

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