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About Infinity

Infinity Insurance specializes in non-standard car insurance for folks who may have difficulty buying auto insurance due to accidents, tickets, their type of vehicles or other problems. Infinity also specializes in serving Hispanic customers.

Slightly over half (51.5%) of Infinity's business comes from California, according to S&P Global Market Intelligence. Florida and Texas also provide a lot of its business (27.8% and 14.4%, respectively).

Infinity is based in Birmingham, Alabama. It was purchased by Kemper in 2018.

Infinity auto insurance

Every insurance company must file its auto insurance rates and policies in each state where it operates. We reviewed Infinity's filings in many states to bring you the inside scoop on coverage options, discounts, fees and surcharges.

Infinity offers all the typical coverage you'd expect, such as liability, collision, comprehensive, uninsured motorist and rental reimbursement coverage. It also sells commercial auto insurance and classic car insurance. Here's a look at whether Infinity offers certain additional auto insurance options.

SR-22 filings

Proof of financial responsibility.

Gap insurance
Also called auto loan/lease coverage. This can pay the difference between the value of a totaled or stolen car and what's still owed on a car loan or lease.
Usage-based insurance
Insurance with rates based on driving habits.
Non-owner insurance

Liability insurance for people who don't own vehicles.

Rideshare insurance

Extra coverage for Uber drivers and others.

Source: EverQuote research. Product options might not be available in all states.

Additional Infinity insurance options

Infinity has several options for customers looking for specific coverage and ways to reduce cost. (These may not be available in all states where Infinity operates.)

Customer Choice
"Customer choice" offers three packages that let you customize a policy to fit your needs and budget: Economy, Standard and Deluxe. Within these options you can adjust coverage based on permissive use (who can drive your car), rental car coverage, and the number of days to notify Infinity of additional or replacement vehicles.

Lessor liability coverage
When you lease a car, the leasing company may require you to purchase a certain amount of coverage. This option lets you purchase a lower amount for yourself and add an endorsement that will pay the lessor the higher amount required under the terms of the lease contract.

Limited comprehensive coverage endorsement
This options lets you save money on comprehensive insurance by reducing the problems it will pay for. The "limited comprehensive" option will only pay for damage to your car due to fire, theft or breakage of glass. (Full comprehensive coverage also pays for damage from floods, hail, vandalism, falling objects and damage from hitting an animal.) It will pay for car theft only if the theft can be defined as "the unlawful taking of the insured auto in its entirety during a single incident."

More about SR-22s:
Infinity offers a six month non-cancellable policy and SR-22 filing for people who have a license suspension due to a lapse in auto insurance coverage. The policy must be paid in full upfront.

Infinity DriverClub:
A free membership that gives you 24/7 roadside assistance for problems like flat tires and dead batteries. You pay for only the services used.

Infinity insurance discounts

We reviewed state filings to find the details of Infinity discounts. Note that these discounts may not be available in all states.

Good student
For full-time students under age 25 with no traffic offenses who have a B or 3.0 average or better, or meet other academic criteria.

For people who own and reside in a house, townhome or condo.

Defensive driving course
For customers age 25 and older, with no at-fault accidents in the last three years, who have completed an approved course.


For paying with electronic funds transfer.

Web quote
For starting a price quote at Infinity's website.

Advance quote
For new customers who start a quote more than six days before the policy effective date, and meet other criteria.

Paid in full

RSVP Direct Repair
A discount off collision and comprehensive coverage when you agree in advance to have any repairs covered by the policy done at an approved "RSVP shop." These repair shops have been certified by Infinity.

Infinity fees

Saving money is important to many car insurance shoppers, so know what charges could add to your total cost. Here are the types of fees charged by Infinity:

Installment fee for each payment by installment.

Policy fee at the beginning of the policy and each renewal, for each vehicle.

Financial responsibility filing fee for drivers who need SR-22 filings.

Rewrite fee for a policy change.

Endorsement fee for adding an endorsement.

Insufficient funds fee if your payment can't be processed due to lack of funds.

Infinity surcharges

Auto insurance companies typically raise rates if you have certain problems, such as moving violations and at-fault accidents.

Infinity will typically look at your driving history in the previous 35 months to determine rates, including:

  • At-fault accidents.
  • Major violations such as drag racing, reckless driving and evading a police officer.
  • Minor violations such as following too closely, failure to yield and improper passing.

You can generally show that an accident was not your fault with a court judgment, police report, statement from your previous insurance company, or other documents.

Examples of not-at-fault accidents include:

  • Damage when your car was legally parked and hit.
  • An accident where you're rear-ended and do not receive a moving violation for the incident.
  • A hit-and-run that's reported within 24 hours.
  • Damage from falling objects, hitting an animal or flying gravel.

Insurers must disclose their surcharges in state filings. Here are surcharges we found in our review of Infinity insurance filings. These will vary based on state and Infinity subsidiary.

Infinity's possible surcharges apply for:

  • Unverifiable driving record: If your record can't be obtained through a DMV.
  • Unacceptable risk surcharge: For certain risks based on the driver or vehicle.
  • Low down payment surcharge.
  • Branded title surcharge: For cars with a special title due to previous damage such as a salvage title or flood title (Texas only).

Infinity Property & Casualty Corp.'s subsidiaries

Many insurers have several subsidiaries. Infinity's subsidiaries are:

Infinity Insurance Co.
Infinity Auto Insurance Co.
Infinity Casualty Insurance Co
Infinity Standard Insurance Co
Infinity Assurance Ins Co.
Infinity Select Insurance Co.
Infinity County Mutual Ins Co.
Infinity Indemnity Ins Co.
Infinity Security Insurance Co
Hillstar Insurance Co.
Infinity Safeguard Ins Co.
Infinity Preferred Ins Co.

Insurance filings source: S&P Global Market Intelligence

Posted Nov. 13, 2018

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