Homeowners insurance typically covers damage to your house and belongings from a range of problems such as fire, hail and wind. It also typically provides liability insurance in case you're sued for certain things, like an accidental injury to a guest. And a home insurance policy can often cover things you perhaps hadn't thought of, such as trees and fences, and extra expenses if you can't live in your home because of damage.

These charts show what a common homeowners policy covers, called an HO-3 policy. You can read a sample of a complete HO-3 policy from the Insurance Information Institute.

Problems usually covered by home insurance

A homeowners insurance policy covers both the house structure and your possessions. Here's a closer look at what property is covered.

Property usually covered by home insurance

A homeowners policy can also save you financially from certain kinds of lawsuits and additional bills if your house is uninhabitable.

Other important things typically covered by home insurance