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EverDrive Buzz: Braking

Ashley Kane

Defensive driving is necessary to be a safe driver on the roads. Drivers should always pay attention and look ahead on the road to anticipate possible hazards. Part of defensive driving is braking gradually, as that means a driver is focusing on the road and preparing for what may come next.

Brakes are arguably the most critical part of your vehicle. Safe drivers should care for their brakes to avoid damage and enable them to last longer. Here’s why braking gradually is important for driving defensively.

Why Does Harsh Braking Decrease My EverDrive Score?

Short, hard or quick stops will wear your brakes down at a faster rate. Of course, sometimes harsh braking is necessary during an emergency situation but in general, braking gradually is a much safer driving habit.

A driver that applies firm pressure to the brake and then eases off is able to drive more smoothly on the road. Motorists should remain focused on looking ahead so that they do not need to brake their vehicles as often. This will also help improve fuel economy as hard braking decreases it by using up more gasoline.

Your EverDrive score decreases with harsh braking because it is can be dangerous. The image to the right illustrates how a driver braked a vehicle harshly, at 25 mph. As a result, and based on the rest of the trip, the driver received two stars for braking.

There’s no reason to brake harshly if you’re paying attention to the road ahead of you—as hard braking is often a result of inattentive driving. It may also be reckless as the drivers behind your vehicle may not be prepared for your sudden stopping. This may result in accidents or rear-end collisions. Improve your driving score today by planning ahead and braking smoothly.

How to Brake Gradually:

  • Be a defensive driver.
  • Focus on the road ahead.
  • Plan for braking situations.
  • Do not hard brake. Instead, slow your vehicle to brake carefully.
  • Press the brake pedal lightly at first, before increasing force.

EverDrive provides you with useful information about your driving skills so you can review your driving performance and overall score. Users receive a quick snapshot of their skills and detailed information about their trip. Your score is determined by your driving habits, including the tendency to speed, ease into turns, accelerate gently, brake gradually and frequency of distracted driving behavior. Follow these tips to brake gradually and improve upon your safe driving skills today.