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EverDrive Buzz: Speeding

Ashley Kane

Drivers should always avoid speeding on the roadways. States and local governments set speed limits based on what is determined to be the safe and reasonable speed for cars to travel at. They look at how to optimize road travel, decrease injuries and often consider other factors such as road engineering or typical weather conditions.

Why Does This Decrease My EverDrive Score?

Speeding is responsible for nearly 30% of car accidents. EverDrive monitors safe driving habits, and speeding on roadways is dangerous. As a result, drivers’ trip scores decrease the more that they speed. For example, in the image to the right, the red zones illustrate a driver’s at-risk speed. If you’re traveling 9 mph or more over the speed limit, EverDrive detects your speeding and your score will decrease. In this case, because of the driver’s multiple speeding occurrences over the course of the trip, the speeding score decreased to one star.

To Avoid Speeding:

Check the speed limit on the roads you drive and adjust your vehicle’s speed as appropriate. You’ll see improvements in your safe driving skills and in your EverDrive score. If there are roads that you travel on frequently, it may be worth double checking the speed limit sign the next time you’re out. It’s easy to forget to adjust your speed when you’ve been driving on the same street regularly. Stay focused and remain aware.

Remember to always drive appropriately for the conditions. Driving on the same road during a blizzard or during construction may require you to drive differently—and likely at a slower pace—than driving there on a beautiful summer day.

If you are uncertain about a posted speed limit, you can also check your state’s website to find out further information. Most states post about speed limits or have a general overview of important speeding laws and consequences.

Avoid speeding by managing your vehicle’s pace as you drive from a highway to a side street or transition from an urban center to a rural area. Speed limits can vary greatly and you should never assume the limit. Look for the signs when you turn onto streets and remember that driving even a few miles per hour higher than the posted limit is still considered speeding and may have consequences.

Speeding can lead to…

  • Tickets
  • Fines
  • Collisions
  • License suspensions or revocations (typically for repeated reckless driving offenses)

Benefits of following the speed limit…

  • Improve road safety and become a better driver.
  • Avoid speeding tickets or fines.
  • Improve fuel efficiency by as much as 20%.
  • Ability to stop faster on demand (if an incident arises).
  • Reduce reckless driving.
  • Improve your EverDrive score.

EverDrive provides you with useful information about your driving skills so you can review your driving performance and overall score. Users receive a quick snapshot of their skills and detailed information about their trip. Your score is determined by your driving habits, including the tendency to speed, ease into turns, accelerate gently, brake gradually and use of distracted driving behavior. Improve upon your skills to become a safer driver today.