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EverDrive Buzz: Cornering

Ashley Kane

When driving a vehicle, it’s important to focus on turns. Drivers should always ease into turns and corners to avoid taking them too sharply.

Why Does Easing Into Turns Improve My EverDrive Score?

Cornering is a technical driving skill. All drivers have to turn frequently and easing into turns is an important safe driving practice. Taking turns too quickly can be reckless and may lead to collisions, as drivers behind you will not be expecting your vehicle to turn if it does not slow down properly.

In addition, turning quickly may lead to dangerous accidents during or after a turn, as a car that corners sharply may not be prepared to stop suddenly for previously unseen hazards such as construction or crossing pedestrians.

The image to the left illustrates an EverDrive motorist who had a hard cornering incident at 18 mph. This reduced the driver’s overall cornering score. EverDrive processes information from the phone’s accelerometer and gyroscope, and if the rate of change of velocity is over 0.4g, the rating may decrease.

Drivers that ease into turns smoothly are more likely to stay safe. By braking evenly and decreasing speed into a turn, your skills will improve. Remember that safe drivers operate their cars appropriate for the conditions. Drivers must always prepare for the unknown, but they especially should be aware of this with cornering as there is often obstructed visibility.

How to Improve Cornering:

  • Slow the car before taking turns.
  • Prepare for turns by looking ahead.
  • Stay centered in your lane to improve visibility.
  • Do not speed.
  • Be prepared to stop, if necessary.

EverDrive provides you with useful information about your driving skills so you can review your driving performance and overall score. Users receive a quick snapshot of their skills and detailed information about their trip. Your score is determined by your driving habits, including the tendency to speed, ease into turns, accelerate gently, brake gradually and frequency of distracted driving behavior. Follow these tips for smooth cornering and improve upon your safe driving skills today.

Photo credit: New Cars 2015