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Ameriprise Insurance Review

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About Ameriprise

Ameriprise Financial Services offers insurance, investments, annuities and financial planning services. It sells auto and home insurance through its subsidiaries IDS Property Casualty Insurance Co. and Ameriprise Insurance Co., depending on the state. Life insurance is sold through RiverSource. Ameriprise was sold to American Family Insurance Mutual Holding Co. in 2019. 

Ameriprise insurance is sold only through its financial advisors. 

Ameriprise insurance options

Every insurance company must file its auto insurance rates and policies in each state where it operates. We reviewed state filings of Ameriprise subsidiary IDS Property Casualty to bring you this inside scoop on coverage options, discounts, fees and surcharges.

Here's a look at whether Ameriprise offers certain auto insurance options that you might be looking for.

SR-22 filings

Proof of financial responsibility.

Gap insurance
Also called auto loan/lease coverage. This can pay the difference between the value of a totaled or stolen car and what's still owed on a car loan or lease.
Usage-based insurance
Insurance with rates based on driving habits, such as hard braking.
Non-owner insurance

Liability insurance for people who don't own vehicles.

Rideshare insurance

Extra coverage for Uber drivers and others.

Source: EverQuote research. Product options might not be available in all states.

Also available from Ameriprise

Accident forgiveness: Your first "chargeable" accident will not result in a rate increase if you've been insured with the company for three or more years. Note that if you have a second accident, both accidents can be "chargeable" and lead to a rate increase based on two accidents.

New car replacement: If your car is totaled and you're making a collision or comprehensive claim for it, you'll be reimbursed for the value of a new vehicle of the same make and model.

Ameriprise auto insurance discounts

We reviewed state filings to find details of Ameriprise discounts for auto insurance. Note that these discounts are not available in all states.

Defensive driver
For those who take an approved accident-prevention class.

Student away
For customers with students away at school more than 100 miles from home and without a vehicle.

Good student
For drivers age 16 to 24 who are full-time students and have a B average or better, or are in the top 20% of their class, or who meet other academic criteria.

Premier safety
A discount for customers who have had no accidents, claims or violations for four years.

Three-year accident free

Six-year accident free

Customer loyalty

Discounts for being a member of certain groups.

For Costco members who have an Ameriprise car insurance policy that's purchased and serviced through an arrangement with Costco.

Passive restraints
Such as air bags and automatic seat belts.

Daytime running lights

Anti-lock brakes

Anti-theft device

Window etching
For cars with VIN numbers etched in the glass for theft prevention.

Vehicle-recovery system

For customers who park the car in a garage when at home.

Multiple line
For customers who purchase more than one type of insurance policy.

Ameriprise fees

Fees charged by Ameriprise can vary by state but could include:

  • Administrative fees for customers paying in installments with a credit or debit card.

Ameriprise surcharges & other rate factors

Auto insurance companies typically raise rates by applying increases or surcharges for certain "risky" behavior. Surcharge rules vary by state. Ameriprise looks at driving records for the past three years in calculating surcharges. There are possible surcharges for:

  • At-fault accidents and moving violations.
  • Ineligible vehicles for certain vehicles seen as risky.
  • Inexperienced operators: For drivers with only a few years of driving experience.
  • "Certified risks": For customers who need a financial responsibility filing, such as an SR-22.

Insurance filings source: S&P Global Market Intelligence

Updated Aug. 6, 2019

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