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MAPFRE Insurance Review

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MAPFRE ratings

MAPFRE gets low scores in a few customer measurements. In studies from J.D. Power it scores below average, called "with the rest," for both customer satisfaction in New England and claims satisfaction.

Complaints about MAPFRE auto insurance are also higher than the industry average, according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

MAPFRE stands for Mutualidad Agrupación Propietarios Fincas Rústicas de España, or "Spanish insurance and financial institution." It bought The Commerce Group in Massachusetts in 2008.

Does MAPFRE have what you want?

SR-22 filings

Proof of financial responsibility.

Gap insurance
Also called auto loan/lease coverage. This can pay the difference between the value of a totaled or stolen car and what's still owed on a car loan or lease.
Usage-based insurance
Insurance with rates based on driving habits, such as hard braking.
Yes, DriveAdvisor collects data and provides feedback. The data is also used to develop a score that translates into a discount.
Non-owner insurance

Liability insurance for people who don't own vehicles.

Rideshare insurance

Extra coverage for Uber drivers and others.

Yes, in limited states
Source: EverQuote research. Product options might not be available in all states. 

More MAPFRE auto insurance choices

MAPFRE offers several additional options that might be of interest. Details and availability vary among states and company subsidiaries.

Accident forgiveness
You won't get a surcharge for having one at-fault accident per policy.

Disappearing deductible
A credit for not having at-fault accidents or certain claims. The credit can be put toward a collision or comprehensive claim deductible.

Peace of mind package
This gives you immediate accident forgiveness, so you won't get a surcharge for your first chargeable accident. It also provides a "deductible credit" that can be put toward claims with a deductible, such as collision coverage. The credit is $100 for every year without a claim, up to $500.

Car EZ program
By using MAPFRE's network of auto-repair shops you can get perks like coordination of a rental car and cleaning of your car before you get it back.

If your car has only minor damage from an accident you may not need to travel to an appraiser. Instead, take a picture of the damage, email it to MAPFRE and they'll email back a repair estimate.

Additional custom equipment
For folks who have special equipment that is offered by the manufacturer for the vehicle or that was installed by the dealership as part of the vehicle purchase. This could include custom grilles or wheels, special carpeting, bedliners, or custom chrome or decals.

Enhanced bundle
This gives you a package of additional services such as cell phone replacement, pet injury coverage, towing for 100 miles, paintless dent repair and more.

Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) coverage
For customers with collision and comprehensive coverage, this guarantees OEM parts in repairs rather than aftermarket parts.

For customers with motor homes or travel trailers

Vacation liability
For customers with motor homes or recreational travel trailers, this provides liability coverage when the vehicle is being used as a temporary residence.

Emergency expense allowance
Reimbursement for certain expenses if your motor home or trailer is damaged or stolen more than 50 miles from home.

MAPFRE auto insurance discounts

We reviewed state filings to find the details of MAPFRE auto insurance discounts. Discount details and availability vary by state and company subsidiary.

Good driver
If you meet certain rules regarding accidents and violations.

Good driver plus
For drivers with no accidents or violations in the past five years.

Defensive driver
For folks age 55 and over who complete an approved defensive-driving class.

Loyal customer
For renewing a MAPFRE auto policy.

Prior insurance
For new customers, this discount depends on the length of time you were with your last company.

Distant student
For customers who have a driver age 17 to 24 who attends school more than 100 miles from home and does not have a car at school.

Good student
For full-time students under age 25 with at least a B average or 3.0, or other academic criteria.

Group discount
If you're a member of certain professional groups.

TeenSMART safe driver
For drivers under age 21 who complete the TeenSMART program, which includes computer-based training, parent-teen driving, and a certification test that can be taken at home. There's a fee to purchase the TeenSMART system.

New driver
For drivers with less than three years of driving experience who complete the TeenSmart program and meet other eligibility requirements.

For enrolling in MAPFRE's DriveAdvisor, which collects data on driving habits and provides feedback.

For having a hood lock and passive disabling device or vehicle-recovery system.

Air bags

For buying auto insurance and another policy, such as homeowners, renters, condo, boat or umbrella insurance.


Advance shopping
For new customers who got a quote seven days or more before the start of the policy and who had prior insurance for at least six months without a lapse in coverage.

New household
For new customers who buy both an auto and homeowners policy with the same start date.


Saving money is usually important to auto insurance shoppers. It's good to know what fees you might be charged in addition to your premium. Here are examples of MAPFRE fees, based on filings by MAPFRE subsidiary Commerce Insurance Co. in Massachusetts. (Fees can vary by state.)

  • Installment fees: $6 for mailed bills or $4 for e-bills, for each installment payment.
  • Late fee: $7 for each late payment.
  • Returned check fee: $25 if your payment is returned due to lack of funds. Also applies to scheduled EFT payments that don't go through.
  • Cancellation fee: $25 if policy is cancelled for non-payment.
  • Live service convenience fee: $2.95 for making a payment over the phone while speaking to the customer service department.

MAPFRE surcharges

If an insurance company sees a certain "risk" in a customer it may add a surcharge, or extra cost, to your bill for a specific period of time. MAPFRE may increase rates if you have an at-fault accident or moving violation.

Here are other possible surcharges from MAPFRE.

  • SR-22 filing surcharge: For drivers who need proof of insurance filed with the state.
  • Unacceptable risk surcharge: For individuals or vehicles in a household that MAPFRE designates as unacceptable risks. This could include: a driver with a DUI or narcotics conviction; a driver who's had a certain major violation such as vehicular assault or improper passing of a school bus; people without a phone number where they can be reached; people without a verifiable garaging address; vehicles with salvage or branded titles; vehicles not sold in the U.S. (called grey market vehicles); and vehicles from certain manufacturers such as Bentley, Bugatti and Lamborghini.
  • Unverified driving record surcharge: If your driving record can't be verified through a DMV.
  • Foreign or international driver's license surcharge.
  • Out of state license surcharge.
  • Inexperienced operator surcharge: For any driver who obtained a license at age 19 or older, or any driver with less than 24 months of driving experience.
  • Undisclosed resident driver surcharge: If the company discovers residents or dependent drivers in the household who weren't disclosed.

Updated Aug. 7, 2019

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