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EverDrive Buzz: Why You Should Start Competing with Friends

Ashley Kane

It’s amazing what a little competition can do! Start competing with friends on EverDrive today and create your own shared leaderboard to find out who the better driver is.

Why compete?

When we consider that the National Safety Council recently announced that traffic fatalities have increased 9% in the first half of 2016, compared to the same time period last year—it’s clear that we need safe drivers now. However, first we need to want to change.

Motivation and competition go hand in hand. Competition has been proven to help motivate us and boost our performance. One study found that rivalry—essentially competition with someone we know instead of a stranger—pushes us to succeed even more.

Do you want to become a safer driver? Who doesn’t? Compete with your friends, spouse, son or daughter. We all can benefit from driving better behind the wheel.

Proof is in the numbers

Apps can change our behavior for the better. Over the course of the two-month Safe Driving Challenge, we saw that EverDrivers who consistently used the app improved by 30% across all categories and decreased their phone use on the road by 37%. Those are the kinds of numbers we want to see. Considering that many of us drive over 13,000 miles and spend 280 hours behind the wheel each year, it’s important that we all become safer drivers on the road now.

Not to mention, competition is practically wired into us. We want to compete and a little friendly contest can boost our performance by motivating us to do more. EverDrive measures your driving skills to keep you and others safe on the roads and show you where you can improve.

Are you someone that thrives off of competition or do you enjoy anonymity? With EverDrive, you can compete in your town, city or state leaderboard or set up a challenge with your friends to determine the pool of competition.

Tips to win:

Distractions surround us everywhere on the road. Improve your driving skills today and get motivated with some friendly competition. Use this as an incentive to drive safer and help encourage those you know to do the same.

So, what are you waiting for? Challenge friends today and get driving to the top of the leaderboard. Start your engines—ready, set, go!