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About USAA

USAA caters to the military and does not sell insurance to the general public. To be eligible to buy USAA insurance, you must be on active duty or a former member of the military, their eligible family members, or a cadet or midshipman.

USAA auto insurance customer satisfaction ratings

Overall ratingPrice satisfaction Customer service satisfaction
5 stars 5 stars 5 stars

Would you choose USAA auto insurance again?

Yes Maybe No
89% 9% 2%

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USAA insurance price comparison

Here's a look at how car insurance premiums compare among USAA and other large auto insurers.

Company Monthly premium paid
American Family $115
Travelers $123
State Farm $126
Farmers $131
Nationwide $135
USAA $135
Allstate $136
GEICO $136
Liberty Mutual $144
Progressive $149
Source: Premiums reported by EverQuote users, based on policies with bodily injury liability coverage of 100/300. Rates are based on single vehicles with one driver who has a good driving record with no violations. Premiums for sedans, coupes and hatchbacks were averaged. Premiums are based on expenditures reported between Jan. 1, 2016, and April 1, 2018. Your own rates will be different.

USAA insurance choices

USAA offers all the basic auto insurance choices you'd expect such as liability, comprehensive, collision, uninsured motorist, rental reimbursement and roadside assistance coverage. Here's a look at additional USAA auto insurance options.

SR-22 filings (proof of auto insurance filing) Yes
Gap insurance Offers car replacement assistance (see below)
Usage-based insurance Yes, called "behavior-based insurance" by USAA
Non-owner insurance Yes
Rideshare insurance Yes, called "Ride Share Gap Protection" by USAA
Source: EverQuote research. Product options might not be available in all states.

Also offered by USAA

Car replacement assistance

If your car is totaled you'll receive a benefit of 20% of the actual cash value of the vehicle (in addition to the payment for the vehicle value).

Accident forgiveness

USAA car insurance discounts

Auto insurers must file their rates and policies with each state where they operate. EverQuote analyzed USAA filings to find discount details. These discount may vary among states, and might not be available in all states or from each USAA subsidiary.


For full-time students under age 30 who are living more than 100 miles from home and without a car.

Good student 
For drivers under age 25.

Behavior based insurance (BBI) participation 
Drivers can get a discount upon enrolling in USAA's BBI program. In addition, once you've accumulated enough driving data, you can get a discount if you've achieved a driving score that qualifies.

Driver training 
For drivers under age 21 who have completed a course that meets certain standards in classroom instruction and driving experience.

Accident-prevention course 
For completing an approved accident-prevention course.

Occasional operator 
For drivers under age 25.

MyUSAA Legacy 
For drivers age 24 and under who have no major violations in the last three years and who qualify for a USAA policy through a sponsor. (USAA membership can be passed down from parent to child or from spouse to spouse.)

If your car is in storage in a secure place and won't be driven by anyone, you can get a discount by adding a "storage endorsement."

For either having a vehicle-recovery device or garaging the vehicle on a military installation.

Passive restraint 
For air bags or passive seat belts.

New vehicle 

Daytime running lights 

For insuring two or more vehicles with USAA.

Advance purchase 
For people who buy a policy seven or more days before the effective date and who have had no lapse in auto insurance coverage.

Automatic payment plan 

What will increase car insurance rates?

It's common for car insurance companies raise rates after accident and tickets. EverQuote reviewed state insurance filings by USAA to determine what will cause a rate increase. (These factors could vary by state and USAA subsidiary.)

At-fault accidents in the last three years
There's a surcharge for accidents you're responsible for and for which an insurer paid more than $750 for a property damage liability or collision insurance claim. USAA offers free accident forgiveness if drivers have been insured with USAA for five or more years and no drivers in the household had an at-fault accident in the last five years.

Motor vehicle moving violations in the last three years

Operator driving experience surcharge
Applied for drivers who have been licensed three years or less, based on the amount of driving experience.

High power/high value surcharge
For model years 1985 through 1997.

Consumer complaints against USAA

Every state's insurance department handles complaints against insurers that operate in the state. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners collects complaint data and produces a complaint ratio. The number is meant to show the number of complaints relative to a company's size of business. The industry median ratio is 1.00 and lower numbers are better. USAA's ratios are better than the industry median.

USAA complaints

Companies within USAA

Many insurance companies have several subsidiaries. These subsidiaries may not operate in all states and could focus on different types of customers or business. USAA's subsidiaries include:

  • USAA Casualty Insurance Co.
  • Garrison Property and Casualty Insurance Co.
  • USAA County Mutual Insurance Co.
  • USAA General Indemnity Co.
  • USAA Life Insurance Co.
  • USAA Life Insurance Co. of New York

Source: S&P Global Market Intelligence

USAA contact information

9800 Fredericksburg Road
San Antonio, TX 78288
(210) 498-2211
Customer service and claims: (800) 531-USAA (800-531-8722)

Methodology for ratings

For star ratings and whether customers would choose the company again, EverQuote commissioned a survey of 150 current customers of USAA in March 2018. The survey was not open to the public on

Updated Nov. 7, 2018

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