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The average car insurance rate throughout Louisiana is $2,016, making it the fourth most expensive state for auto insurance in our analysis. Fortunately, not all Pelican State drivers will have to pay prices as costly as that. We found through our analysis that where drivers live and ultimately decide to park their vehicles can influence how much they pay for auto insurance. Additionally, it is vitally important for drivers to shop around for auto insurance quotes to compare prices. In the Bayou State, like all other states, providers determine your risk on the road differently, so be sure to compare your overall rates before you make a final decision. Enter your ZIP code above to begin your search, or read more about EverQuote's analysis below.


Cheapest Auto Insurance in Louisiana

We looked at the average monthly payments reported by EverQuote users in Louisiana. To make sure that we had a fair comparison of our numbers, we considered the driver profile of a single man with a clean driving record insuring one full-size or mid-size vehicle. The table below shows the cheapest car insurance in Louisiana and also the most expensive.

Rank Car Insurance Carrier Average Yearly Cost Average Monthly Payment
1 AAA / Auto Club $1,692 $141
2 Safeway Insurance Co of LA $1,728 $144
3 Farm Bureau $1,776 $148
4 Safeway Insurance $1,806 $151
5 Allstate $1,812 $151
6 Safeco $1,902 $159
7 GEICO $1,908 $159
State Average $1,920 $160

Fast, Free Auto Insurance Quotes

When we compare the average yearly costs of car insurance across carriers, AAA comes out on top with the most affordable yearly cost of $1,692. Next in line is Safeway Insurance Co of LA with a yearly average cost of $1,728. These are hundreds of dollars less per year than the most expensive provider in our study.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Louisiana by City}

We also examined reported rates in different LA cities, again for the same driver profile (a single man with a clean driving record looking to insure one full-size or mid-size vehicle). We found that the cost of car insurance can vary based on your location. Below, you’ll find the cities ordered from lowest to highest. Surprisingly, New Orleans does not have the most expensive car insurance premiums across the state at $2,184 average yearly cost. Westwego has the priciest auto insurance cost with an average of $2,340. The cheapest car insurance in Louisiana can be found in New Iberia, with an average yearly cost of $1,584. The capital city of Baton Rouge fell in the middle with an average monthly payment of $167, and an average yearly cost of $2,004.

Rank CA City Average Yearly Cost Average Monthly Payment
1 New Iberia $1,584 $132
2 Slidell $1,734 $145
3 Houma $1,740 $145
4 Shreveport $1,776 $148
5 Lake Charles $1,788 $149
6 Denham Springs $1,788 $149
7 Hammond $1,788 $149
8 Monroe $1,800 $150
9 Kenner $1,812 $151
10 Alexandria $1,848 $154
11 Lafayette $1,872 $156
State Average $1,920 $160
12 Metairie $1,968 $164
13 Bossier City $1,992 $166
14 Baton Rouge $1,998 $167
15 Marrero $2,052 $171
16 New Orleans $2,184 $182
17 Gretna $2,220 $185
18 Harvey $2,245 $187
19 Westwego $2,340 $195

Methodology For This Study

For the analysis you see above, EverQuote collected self-reported monthly premiums from over two million users looking to save on auto insurance. Using this information, along with users’ current auto insurance companies and ZIP codes at the time of the survey, allowed us to determine the analysis you see here. Keep in mind, EverQuote users do differ from each other in several ways. Age, gender, and numbers of drivers in a household can all influence the overall rate of auto insurance. To account for this comparison of rates, we looked at users who are similar to one another.