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Finding affordable car insurance in Oregon isn’t always easy. We conducted a study and compared rates reported by EverQuote users in OR to determine the cheapest auto insurance providers in the Beaver State. When we analyzed our results, we found that drivers’ car insurance rates vary greatly depending on the city or town they live in and the carrier they choose. In order to find the lowest cost car insurance, we recommend Oregon drivers shop around for quotes and compare rates. Enter your ZIP code in the box above to compare quotes now, or take a look at our report results below.


Cheapest Auto Insurance in Oregon

We compared the average yearly auto insurance rates reported by EverQuote users located in Oregon. To establish a benchmark for comparison, we looked at the driver profile of an OR male with a clean driving history looking to insure a full-size or mid-size car. The table below shows the rates from cheapest car insurance rates to the most expensive.

Rank Car Insurance Carrier Average Yearly Cost Average Monthly Payment
1 Safeco $1,260 $105
2 State Farm $1,296 $108
3 GEICO $1,308 $109
4 USAA $1,320 $110
5 Liberty Mutual $1,356 $113
State Average $1,380 $115

Fast, Free Auto Insurance Quotes

The auto insurer that had the cheapest cost for auto insurance was Safeco with an average yearly cost of $1,260—$500 less than the highest cost carrier. Other low-cost providers in Oregon include State Farm, GEICO and USAA.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Oregon by City}

Oregon’s landscape is very diverse, from the state’s stunning Pacific coastline to the volcanic Cascade Range, to the high desert that extends to the Great Basin. It’s no surprise then that drivers’ car insurance rates differ depending on which part of the large state you live in. We looked at five cities across the Evergreen State to determine the locations that had the cheapest car insurance rates. We found that Eugene had the lowest rate in the entire state with an average yearly auto insurance cost of $1,188 and an average monthly payment of just $99. Portland, the state’s most populous city, saw rates a little bit higher at $1,404 for the average annual cost.

Rank CA City Average Yearly Cost Average Monthly Payment
1 Eugene $1,188 $99
State Average $1,380 $115
2 Portland $1,404 $117
3 Beaverton $1,452 $121
4 Gresham $1,548 $129
5 Salem $1,560 $130

Methodology For This Study

EverQuote collected self-reported monthly premiums from over two million users looking to save money on car insurance. This data, along with those users' current auto insurance company and ZIP code at the time of the survey, allowed us to produce the analysis you see here. EverQuote users differ from one another in many ways that can influence the price of car insurance. The age and gender of a driver as well as the number of drivers and cars in a household are just a few of factors that can affect the cost of auto insurance. To be sure we had a fair comparison of our numbers, we compared the premiums reported by a subset of users who are similar to one another.