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Massachusetts is one of the states you will least likely find cheap car insurance compared to other states in the nation - the average yearly rate is $1,800. EverQuote reviewed data to provide Bay State drivers with useful information and analysis so they can evaluate quotes from auto insurance companies and find the cheapest car insurance options. However, not all drivers will have to pay the pricier rates. We found in our study that the cost of auto insurance changes depending on where you live in the Spirit of America State. Furthermore, we found the premium price differs from carrier to carrier. To make sure that you have the cheapest auto insurance in Massachusetts, we recommend shopping around and comparing multiple quotes so that you can find the lowest rates possible for your car insurance needs. Put in your ZIP code to begin your search, or learn more about MA auto insurance by reading the our study below.


Cheapest Auto Insurance in Massachusetts

We looked at the average monthly payments reported by EverQuote users in MA to find the carriers with the cheapest rates. To ensure a fair comparison of these reported payments, we focused on the profile of a single male driver with a perfectly clean driving record insuring one full-size or mid-size auto. Below, you will find the table showing the seventeen cheapest car insurance providers in Massachusetts, from lowest cost to highest.

Rank Car Insurance Carrier Average Yearly Cost Average Monthly Payment
1 AAA / Auto Club $1,440 $120
2 Travelers $1,476 $123
3 USAA $1,482 $124
4 Arbella $1,494 $125
5 Safeway Insurance $1,596 $133
6 Amica $1,632 $136
7 MetLife $1,704 $142
8 Mapfre Insurance $1,740 $145
9 Commerce Insurance $1,776 $148
State Average $1,812 $151

Fast, Free Auto Insurance Quotes

We found the top three cheapest car insurance carriers in MA to be AAA, Travelers and USAA. Averaged across the state of Massachusetts, these carriers had the most affordable payments: AAA had the overall cheapest cost, with an average yearly price of $1,440, while Travelers had a rate of $1,476 and USAA had a price a few dollars higher at $1,482.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Massachusetts by City}

Massachusetts is the most populated state in New England. We looked at reported rates in different cities, to see how parts of the state stacked up to each other. Using the same driver profile of a single male looking to insure a full-size or mid-size vehicle, we found the following data. Not surprisingly, Boston, the historic densely populated state capital, had a high average yearly auto insurance cost of $2,238. On the cheapest side was a city that borders Boston—Cambridge. Home to the prestigious Harvard University, Cambridge had the cheapest car insurance rates with an average monthly payment of $125.

Rank CA City Average Yearly Cost Average Monthly Payment
1 Cambridge $1,500 $125
2 Framingham $1,506 $126
3 Chicopee $1,560 $130
4 Somerville $1,560 $130
5 Quincy $1,644 $137
6 Fall River $1,692 $141
7 New Bedford $1,740 $145
8 Lowell $1,782 $149
9 Worcester $1,800 $150
State Average $1,812 $151
10 Haverhill $1,860 $155
11 Randolph $1,926 $161
12 Everett $1,938 $162
13 Springfield $1,980 $165
14 Medford $1,986 $166
15 Holyoke $2,022 $169
16 Malden $2,160 $180
17 Hyde Park $2,217 $185
18 Boston $2,232 $186
19 Revere $2,280 $190
20 Lynn $2,400 $200
21 Brockton $2,436 $203
22 Lawrence $2,448 $204

Methodology For This Study

To produce this study, EverQuote collected self-reported monthly premiums from over two million users looking to save money on car insurance. This data, along with those users' current auto insurance companies and ZIP codes at the time of the entry, allowed us to analyze the data that you see above. EverQuote users do differ from one another in many ways that can influence the overall price of car insurance. A motorist’s age and gender, as well as the number of motorists and cars in a household, are just a few of factors that can change the cost of car insurance. We worked to ensure a logical comparison of our numbers by comparing the premiums reported by a subset of users who are alike.