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Finding cheap auto insurance in the Keystone State can be tough for drivers. Through our analysis, we found that Pennsylvania car insurance premiums rank in the more expensive half of the nation, with an overall average rate of $1,620 per year. We compared reported rates in Pennsylvania to find the cheapest car insurance rates for drivers. Our results were interesting—drivers’ premiums varied significantly by carrier and PA location. Because of this, we highly recommend our readers shop around and compare several quotes from auto insurers in order to find the cheapest car insurance. Enter you ZIP code above to begin your search now, or read more about our analysis first, below.


Cheapest Auto Insurance in Pennsylvania

We reviewed the average monthly auto insurance payments reported by EverQuote users in Pennsylvania. To make sure we had a fair comparison of our premium calculations, we looked a representative driver profile of a single male looking to insure his full-size or mid-size vehicle. The chart below illustrates EverQuote's findings for the top eighteen most cheapest car insurance carriers in the state, from lowest to highest cost.

Rank Car Insurance Carrier Average Yearly Cost Average Monthly Payment
1 Travelers $1,254 $105
2 The General $1,380 $115
3 Erie $1,380 $115
4 AAA / Auto Club $1,416 $118
5 Liberty Mutual $1,440 $120
6 Nationwide $1,464 $122
7 State Farm $1,512 $126
8 USAA $1,548 $129
State Average $1,572 $131

Fast, Free Auto Insurance Quotes

Across Pennsylvania, Travelers had the cheapest average yearly cost for car insurance at $1,254, with a monthly payment of $105. Other affordable options include The General, Erie and AAA.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Pennsylvania by City}

We also analyzed drivers’ premiums in different PA cities for the same driver profile. We looked at the top eleven cities in the Keystone State and found that Scranton had the cheapest overall average auto insurance rate in the state. Philadelphia, home to the famous Philly cheesesteak, had the highest car insurance rate with an average yearly cost of $2,016. Of course, large cities do tend to have higher car insurance costs, so compare your rates to find the best option for your needs.

Rank CA City Average Yearly Cost Average Monthly Payment
1 Scranton $1,200 $100
2 Bethlehem $1,308 $109
3 Reading $1,320 $110
4 Erie $1,344 $112
5 Harrisburg $1,344 $112
6 Lancaster $1,356 $113
7 York $1,416 $118
8 Pittsburgh $1,440 $120
9 Allentown $1,544 $129
State Average $1,572 $131
10 Upper Darby $1,902 $159
11 Philadelphia $2,016 $168

Methodology For This Study

For this analysis, EverQuote collected self-reported monthly premiums from over two million users looking to save on their car insurance premiums. We used this data as well as their entered locations and current car insurance companies to produce the study you see here. In order to ensure a logical comparison of our numbers and rates, we analyzed data from a subset of users who are alike.