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EverQuote analyzed data provided by our users to determine the cheapest car insurance carriers in Arizona. Through our analysis, we found helpful information that AZ drivers can use to evaluate quotes and find the cheapest premium options. Arizona is one of the greatest road trip states in the country with the Grand Canyon, the Sonoran Desert landscape, multiple national parks and national monuments. Our study shows that the cost of auto insurance can vary a lot depending on where you live in the state. The cost of car insurance also varies quite a bit from one insurance company to another. To ensure that you get the lowest rate possible, we recommend shopping around and comparing quotes from several companies. Enter your ZIP code above to start your search today, or learn more by reading the rest of our study below.


Cheapest Auto Insurance in Arizona

Arizona drivers shouldn’t have to pay more for car insurance than they have to. We compared the median monthly auto insurance payments reported by EverQuote users. To ensure a fair comparison, we considered the case of a single male driver insuring a single full-size or mid-size vehicle with a clean driving record. This table shows the monthly payments for the ten cheapest car insurance carriers ranked from lowest to highest.

Rank Car Insurance Carrier Average Yearly Cost Average Monthly Payment
1 The Hartford $1,104 $92
2 AAA / Auto Club $1,134 $95
3 State Farm $1,260 $105
4 Allstate $1,302 $109
5 The General $1,314 $110
6 USAA $1,320 $110
State Average $1,332 $111

Fast, Free Auto Insurance Quotes

The cheapest annual cost for auto insurance in Arizona was The Hartford, with an average monthly payment of $92. Also ranking below the state average were AAA, State Farm, Allstate, The General and USAA.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Arizona by City}

Additionally, we looked at reported rates in various cities in Arizona—all for the same driver profile. Tucson had an average monthly payment of $107 and Surprise had the highest average insurance cost at $1,584—all for a single male with a clean driving record insuring a single full-size or mid-size car.

Rank CA City Average Yearly Cost Average Monthly Payment
1 Tucson $1,284 $107
2 Mesa $1,320 $110
State Average $1,332 $111
3 Scottsdale $1,356 $113
4 Phoenix $1,380 $115
5 Tempe $1,440 $120
6 Glendale $1,440 $120
7 Chandler $1,440 $120
8 Gilbert $1,452 $121
9 Peoria $1,536 $128
10 Surprise $1,584 $132

Methodology For This Study

For our analysis, EverQuote collected self-reported monthly premiums from over two million people looking to save money on their auto insurance rates. This data, along with those users' current auto insurance company and ZIP codes at the time of the survey, allowed us to produce the analysis you see here. EverQuote users differ from one another in many ways and that can affect the price of car insurance. The location, age, gender of a driver as well as the number of drivers and vehicles in a household are only a few of factors that can influence the cost of auto insurance. To ensure an adequate comparison of our numbers, we looked at the premiums reported by a subset of users who are similar to one another.