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Affordable auto insurance in the Rocky Mountain State isn’t always easy to find. We analyzed data provided by EverQuote users to help Colorado drivers find cheap car insurance. Take a look at the following analysis as you evaluate quotes from car insurance companies and identify your cheapest options. Our analysis shows that the cost of car insurance can vary significantly based on your provider and depending on where you live in Colorado. Whether you’re living in a major city like Denver or a smaller one like Fort Collins, you may see different auto insurance premium prices. To ensure that you get the lowest rate possible, we recommend shopping around and comparing various quotes from auto insurance companies. Enter your location above and start searching today, or read about our study below.


Cheapest Auto Insurance in Colorado

There are several low-cost auto insurance carriers in the Centennial State. Check out the chart below to see which car insurance carriers offer the best average premiums. We compared the median monthly payments reported by EverQuote users in CO. To ensure an equal comparison, we considered the case of a single male driver with a clean driving record insuring one full-size or mid-size vehicle. The below table shows the monthly payments for the ten cheapest car insurance carriers ranked from lowest to highest. Note: your auto insurance quotes will be tailored to your own unique characteristics so they may not match directly.

Rank Car Insurance Carrier Average Yearly Cost Average Monthly Payment
1 Travelers $1,188 $99
2 Dairyland Insurance $1,188 $99
3 Safeco $1,224 $102
4 Liberty Mutual $1,284 $107
5 The General $1,302 $108
6 GEICO $1,320 $110
7 Farmers $1,332 $111
8 State Farm $1,380 $115
9 American Family $1,380 $115
State Average $1,380 $115

Fast, Free Auto Insurance Quotes

Travelers has the lowest average yearly cost at $1,188. Drivers can save about $30 per month depending on the insurance provider they choose to go to. Other low-cost alternatives include Dairyland Insurance, Safeco and Liberty Mutual.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Colorado by City}

We also looked at EverQuote users reported rates for the following driver profile—a single male with a good driving record insuring a single full-size or mid-size vehicle in Colorado. We found that the auto insurance premiums can differ extensively from city to city. For example, Arvada sees on average a $500 higher premium over Boulder, Colorado. The difference in median monthly car insurance payments ranges about $40. Grand Junction, Fort Collins and Littleton are among the other Colorado cities that see cheaper car insurance rates.

Rank CA City Average Yearly Cost Average Monthly Payment
1 Boulder $1,080 $90
2 Grand Junction $1,146 $96
3 Fort Collins $1,206 $101
4 Littleton $1,236 $103
5 Thornton $1,272 $106
6 Lakewood $1,284 $107
7 Englewood $1,320 $110
8 Pueblo $1,380 $115
State Average $1,380 $115
9 Colorado Springs $1,416 $118
10 Denver $1,428 $119
11 Longmont $1,428 $119
12 Aurora $1,548 $129
13 Arvada $1,572 $131

Methodology For This Study

For this study, EverQuote looked at self-reported monthly premiums from over two million users. We used this data, as well as users’ current auto insurance company and ZIP code at the time of the survey, to produce the study you see above. In order to ensure a fair comparison of our numbers, we compared the premiums reported by a smaller group of drivers who are similar to one another. EverQuote users do differ from one another in many ways—age, gender, location, number of vehicles, number of drivers in a household—and that can influence the overall cost of auto insurance.