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We know that purchasing auto insurance can be confusing and costly, so we completed an analysis to determine low-cost carriers and the best Connecticut cities to live in for cheap car insurance. We analyzed data provided by EverQuote users to give drivers in the Constitution State helpful information to assist them as they evaluate quotes from auto insurance carriers. Our analysis shows that the cost of car insurance can greatly depending on where in CT you live, as well as which car insurance company you choose. In order to find the best rate for you, we always recommend comparing quotes to view all of your available options. Enter your ZIP code above to start your search for the best rates today, or learn more by reading the rest of our study.


Cheapest Auto Insurance in Connecticut

Looking at the average monthly auto insurance payments reported by EverQuote users, we determined the lowest-cost carriers in Connecticut. In order to make sure there was a fair comparison, we considered the driver profile of a single male driver insuring a full-size or mid-size car with a clean driving record. The table below shows the average monthly premiums costs and the average yearly cost for twelve auto insurance carriers in Connecticut, from lowest to highest cost.

Rank Car Insurance Carrier Average Yearly Cost Average Monthly Payment
1 The Hartford $1,200 $100
2 GEICO $1,620 $135
3 Amica $1,650 $138
4 AAA / Auto Club $1,716 $143
5 Liberty Mutual $1,728 $144
6 Nationwide $1,800 $150
7 Allstate $1,800 $150
State Average $1,800 $150

Fast, Free Auto Insurance Quotes

Once we analyzed the auto insurance carriers in Connecticut, we found The Hartford to be the lowest-cost choice, at $1,200 for average yearly cost and $100 for the average monthly payment. Other cheap auto insurance carriers include GEICO, Amica and AAA.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Connecticut by City}

Additionally, we looked at reported rates in various CT cities for same type of driver: a single male insuring a full-size or mid-size vehicle with a clean driving record. We found that the cost of auto insurance can differ a lot from city to city in Connecticut. For example, New Haven sees an average yearly cost $700 more than Norwalk, and $400 more than East Hartford.

Rank CA City Average Yearly Cost Average Monthly Payment
1 Norwalk $1,500 $125
2 Manchester $1,566 $131
3 Stamford $1,614 $135
4 New Britain $1,800 $150
State Average $1,800 $150
5 East Hartford $1,806 $151
6 Meriden $1,860 $155
7 West Haven $1,872 $156
8 Bridgeport $1,920 $160
9 Hamden $2,028 $169
10 Waterbury $2,112 $176
11 Hartford $2,202 $184
12 New Haven $2,220 $185

Methodology For This Study

For this study, EverQuote analyzed self-reported monthly premiums from over two million users looking to save money on their auto insurance rates. This information, along with Connecticut users' current auto insurance company and ZIP code at the time of entry, allowed us to determine the analysis you see here. It is important to remember that EverQuote users, like all drivers, differ from one another in many ways and that can affect the overall price of car insurance. Age, gender, and number of drivers in a household can all influence the price of car insurance. However, we did work to ensure a fair comparison of our numbers, by comparing only the reported premiums from users who are similar to one another.