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While Michigan car insurance rates rank in the top three most expensive in the country, there is a great deal of variability in what drivers will pay based on where they live in The Great Lakes State and which provider they insure with. We compared auto insurance rates by analyzing data from EverQuote users to provide Michigan drivers with valuable information to aid them in finding the cheapest quotes. To find the cheap car insurance rates in Michigan, we recommend drivers shop around and compare multiple quotes from insurance providers. Enter your location (ZIP code) above to initiate your search or read below about our study.


Cheapest Auto Insurance in Michigan

To determine cheap car insurance carriers in Michigan, we looked at the average monthly costs reported by EverQuote users in MI. We considered the driver profile of a male driver with a clean driving record insuring a full-size or mid-size vehicle. Below, you’ll find the top sixteen most affordable carriers in the state.

Rank Car Insurance Carrier Average Yearly Cost Average Monthly Payment
1 Farm Bureau $1,506 $126
2 Auto Owners $1,512 $126
3 The Hartford $1,524 $127
4 GEICO $1,608 $134
5 Farmers $1,692 $141
6 USAA $1,764 $147
7 State Farm $1,764 $147
8 Citizens $1,800 $150
9 Nationwide $1,806 $151
10 Progressive $1,812 $151
State Average $1,812 $151

Fast, Free Auto Insurance Quotes

Through EverQuote's Michigan analysis, we found that Farm Bureau had the cheapest average yearly cost of $1,506. This reduces to an average monthly payment of only $126. Other affordable car insurance providers include Auto Owners and The Hartford. If Michigan drivers shopped around, they could potentially save over $900 per year by going with the cheapest car insurance company that meets their needs.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Michigan by City}

To understand these MI rate averages in more depth, we looked at reported rates in multiple cities throughout Michigan. Using the same driver profile of a man with a clean driving record insuring a single full-size or mid-size car, we determined the following analysis, from cheapest cost to highest cost. Below, you’ll see that the Motor City of Detroit had the highest average monthly payment at $200 per month, while Jackson, Lansing and Grand Rapids all had the cheapest average car insurance rates. Warren, the third largest city in Michigan close to Lake St. Claire Shores, fell in the middle with an average auto insurance premium payment of $159 per month.

Rank CA City Average Yearly Cost Average Monthly Payment
1 Jackson $1,476 $123
2 Lansing $1,512 $126
3 Grand Rapids $1,566 $131
4 Kalamazoo $1,620 $135
5 Dearborn $1,632 $136
6 Battle Creek $1,656 $138
7 Ypsilanti $1,680 $140
8 Ann Arbor $1,752 $146
9 Saginaw $1,776 $148
10 Belleville $1,776 $148
11 Waterford $1,794 $150
12 Muskegon $1,800 $150
State Average $1,812 $151
13 Farmington Hills $1,821 $152
14 Southgate $1,866 $156
15 Flint $1,884 $157
16 Canton $1,884 $157
17 Westland $1,908 $159
18 Taylor $1,908 $159
19 Warren $1,908 $159
20 Pontiac $2,052 $171
21 Sterling Heights $2,142 $179
22 Dearborn Heights $2,160 $180
23 Redford $2,160 $180
24 Livonia $2,172 $181
25 Southfield $2,184 $182
26 Clinton Township $2,244 $187
27 Roseville $2,328 $194
28 Detroit $2,418 $202

Methodology For This Study

Our methodology for this study involved reviewing self-reported monthly from over two million EverQuote users. Using this data, along with the users reported ZIP codes and current auto insurance companies, we produced the analysis you see above. It’s important to remember that many factors influence the final car insurance rate, including the age and gender of a driver. To ensure we had a fair comparison of our premium numbers, we compared a subset of users who were similar to each other.