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EverQuote analyzed auto insurance rates throughout the state of Missouri in order to help our visitors determine which providers and cities have the cheapest car insurance quotes in MO. The Midwestern state has over six million residents and is the mean center of the nation’s population. Known as the Mother of the West, its plains were once covered by glaciers, before turning to prairies, and now rich soil. In analyzing Missouri rates, we found that drivers’ auto insurance rates depend on which company they insure with and where they live. To ensure you get the cheapest car insurance rate possible, we advise drivers to shop around and compare rates first. Enter your ZIP code in the search bar above to begin comparing quotes, or read up on our study below.


Cheapest Auto Insurance in Missouri

We reviewed the average monthly car insurance payments reported by EverQuote users in the Show Me State. To be certain we had a fair comparison of our numbers, we looked at the driver profile of a single male with a violation-free driving record insuring one full-size or mid-size auto. The table below shows the top fourteen cheapest insurance carriers in Missouri.

Rank Car Insurance Carrier Average Yearly Cost Average Monthly Payment
1 Shelter Insurance Co. $1,062 $89
2 American Family $1,200 $100
3 AAA / Auto Club $1,224 $102
4 Farmers $1,224 $102
5 Travelers $1,260 $105
6 GEICO $1,320 $110
7 Allstate $1,320 $110
8 Safeco $1,344 $112
9 State Farm $1,344 $112
State Average $1,356 $113

Fast, Free Auto Insurance Quotes

We found Shelter Insurance Co. to be offering the cheapest car insurance in Missouri with a median yearly cost of $1,062 and an average monthly payment of only $89 per month. American Family, AAA and Farmers also had competitive rates. The most costly average yearly rate we saw was $1,716, meaning a driver could save over $650 by opting for a more affordable insurance provider.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Missouri by City}

Additionally, we looked at reported rates from EverQuote users in different MO cities, again for the same driver profile. We found that the cost of car insurance can vary greatly based on location. The city of St. Louis, known for its baseball, beer and the Gateway Arch, has one of the priciest premiums in the state with an average yearly cost of $1,500. Springfield, known as the Birthplace of Route 66, has the cheapest car insurance in Missouri at $1,068 per year.

Rank CA City Average Yearly Cost Average Monthly Payment
1 Springfield $1,068 $89
2 Columbia $1,200 $100
State Average $1,356 $113
3 Kansas City $1,368 $114
4 Independence $1,410 $118
5 Saint Louis $1,500 $125
6 Florissant $1,524 $127

Methodology For This Study

EverQuote collected self-reported monthly premiums from over two million users looking to save on their auto insurance policies. By analyzing this data, as well as users’ current auto insurance providers and locations at the time of entry, we were able to produce the analysis you see here. Drivers differ in many ways that may affect their overall car insurance rate. To account for this, we compared premium rates reported by a group of users who are similar to each other.