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We analyzed auto insurance rates across North Carolina to determine which providers were the cheapest. The average yearly premium across the entire Tar Heel State is $1,440, putting the state in the more affordable half of the nation for car insurance. However, not all North Carolina drivers will have to pay that average rate. We reviewed premiums and found that drivers can find cheaper auto insurance depending on where they live and which auto insurance carrier they go with. Whether you live in the beautiful North Carolina mountains or along the beach, there is affordable car insurance available to you. Enter your ZIP code above and start your search, or learn about North Carolina rates by checking out the rest of EverQuote's study below.


Cheapest Auto Insurance in North Carolina

We analyzed the average auto insurance payments reported by EverQuote users in NC to find the cheapest car insurance carriers. To ensure a fair comparison of rates, we looked at the driver profile of an unmarried male looking to insure his full-size of mid-size car. View our findings below, from cheapest to most expensive price.

Rank Car Insurance Carrier Average Yearly Cost Average Monthly Payment
1 21st Century Insurance $840 $70
2 Erie $1,152 $96
3 Farm Bureau $1,152 $96
4 Liberty Mutual $1,188 $99
5 Allstate $1,194 $100
6 Travelers $1,212 $101
7 State Farm $1,260 $105
State Average $1,332 $111

Fast, Free Auto Insurance Quotes

Across the entire Variety Vacationland State, we found 21st Century Insurance offered the cheapest car insurance rates in NC at only $840 for an entire year of auto insurance. This breaks down to a mere $70 average monthly payment. Other cheap options include Erie, Farm Bureau and Liberty Mutual.

Cheapest Car Insurance in North Carolina by City}

In addition to carrier rate differences, we also looked at city rate differences for auto insurance. We found Cary to be the North Carolina city with the most cheapest yearly cost at $1,182. The capital of Raleigh fell in the middle of the eighteen cities, with an average monthly car insurance premium payment of $112 and a median yearly cost of $1,338.

Rank CA City Average Yearly Cost Average Monthly Payment
1 Cary $1,182 $99
2 High Point $1,200 $100
3 Concord $1,212 $101
4 Winston Salem $1,224 $102
5 Asheville $1,248 $104
6 Durham $1,248 $104
7 Gastonia $1,260 $105
8 Greensboro $1,260 $105
9 Wilmington $1,272 $106
10 Wilson $1,290 $108
State Average $1,332 $111
11 Raleigh $1,344 $112
12 Rocky Mount $1,368 $114
13 Goldsboro $1,416 $118
14 Charlotte $1,440 $120
15 Greenville $1,494 $125
16 Jacksonville $1,500 $125
17 Fayetteville $1,566 $131
18 Salisbury $1,578 $132

Methodology For This Study

EverQuote collected self-reported monthly premiums from over two million users looking to save money on car insurance. Using this premium data, along with users’ locations and car insurance companies, we produced the analysis you see here. For all states, including North Carolina, we looked at a subset of users who were similar to one another to ensure a fair comparison of our numbers.