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Depending on where you live in New York, you may come across some pretty expensive car insurance rates. After all, the Empire State has a population over 19.75 million people, and New York City alone has over 8 million people. Fortunately, not every driver has to see pricey auto insurance rates. We analyzed quotes to find the cheapest car insurance in New York. Turns out, car insurance rates vary a lot by auto insurance company and NY location. In order to find the cheapest auto insurance rate, we recommend drivers shop around and compare multiple quotes. Enter your New York ZIP code above to begin your search, or read more of EverQuote’s analysis below.


Cheapest Auto Insurance in New York

We looked at the average rates reported by EverQuote users in order to find the cheapest auto insurance in New York. To create a fair comparison, we considered the driver profile of a male driver with a clean driving record insuring a single full-size or mid-size vehicle. The chart below shows you the median yearly cost and monthly payments from the twenty-two lowest cost carriers in New York.

Rank Car Insurance Carrier Average Yearly Cost Average Monthly Payment
1 Travelers $1,590 $133
2 USAA $1,800 $150
3 Farmers $1,872 $156
4 Allstate $1,896 $158
5 Liberty Mutual $2,064 $172
6 Esurance $2,112 $176
7 GEICO $2,112 $176
State Average $2,124 $177

Fast, Free Auto Insurance Quotes

As you can see, Travelers is the cheapest car insurance provider across the entire state of New York. It was consistently reported as the lowest-cost choice, with an average yearly cost of $1,590 and a median monthly payment of $133. Other cheap alternatives in NY include USAA, Farmers and Allstate.

Cheapest Car Insurance in New York by City}

In addition to carrier differences, we also examined the user-reported rates in various New York cities. Looking at the same driver profile of a single man with a completely clean driving record insuring a full-size or mid-size auto, we found the following average costs by city. As you can see from the table, Far Rockaway in Queens had the highest cost at $3,180. The cheapest cities for auto insurance were Binghamton, Utica and Niagara Falls. The vibrant Big Apple saw average rates of $2,184 for the year. Depending on where you live in New York, you could save over $1,800 on car insurance for the year.

Rank CA City Average Yearly Cost Average Monthly Payment
1 Binghamton $1,356 $113
2 Utica $1,494 $125
3 Niagara Falls $1,512 $126
4 Rochester $1,536 $128
5 Syracuse $1,596 $133
6 Albany $1,608 $134
7 Troy $1,620 $135
8 Schenectady $1,800 $150
9 Buffalo $1,920 $160
10 Poughkeepsie $1,950 $163
11 Astoria $1,956 $163
12 Flushing $2,004 $167
13 Bay Shore $2,028 $169
14 White Plains $2,040 $170
State Average $2,124 $177
15 New York $2,184 $182
16 New Rochelle $2,220 $185
17 Middletown $2,256 $188
18 Newburgh $2,280 $190
19 Yonkers $2,352 $196
20 Elmont $2,364 $197
21 Central Islip $2,400 $200
22 Staten Island $2,436 $203
23 Brentwood $2,472 $206
24 Queens Village $2,478 $207
25 Hempstead $2,508 $209
26 Saint Albans $2,520 $210
27 Mount Vernon $2,520 $210
28 Brooklyn $2,628 $219
29 Bronx $2,640 $220
30 Freeport $2,652 $221
31 Jamaica $2,676 $223
32 Far Rockaway $3,180 $265

Methodology For This Study

We collected over two million self-reported premiums from EverQuote users to determine the cheapest car insurance rates. Using this data, as well as information provided by users about their location and current auto insurers, we produced the analysis you see above. Of course, EverQuote users—like all drivers—do differ in many ways (age, gender, number of drivers or vehicles in a home), so everyone’s final car insurance rate may be different. We accounted for this in the study you see above by looking at the rates from a subset of users that are alike.