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Where drivers live in Ohio and who they choose as their car insurance company can greatly influence their overall premiums. We analyzed reported rates in order to help drivers find cheap car insurance in Ohio. By looking at the data, we found that auto insurance rates vary by ZIP code and by company. The Heart of it All State in the Great Lakes region of the United States is vast and has several major cities and metros. Drivers looking for cheap auto insurance should shop around and compare quotes to find the best deal. Enter your ZIP code above to begin your search, or check out our Ohio study below.


Cheapest Auto Insurance in Ohio

For this study, we compared the average yearly costs and monthly payments reported by Ohio EverQuote users. In order to be sure we had a fair comparison of our numbers, we looked at the driver profile of a single man looking to insure a full-size or mid-size automobile. Below are our findings, from cheapest cost of insurance in OH to the costliest.

Rank Car Insurance Carrier Average Yearly Cost Average Monthly Payment
1 Erie $1,104 $92
2 Farmers $1,110 $93
3 Travelers $1,188 $99
4 State Farm $1,200 $100
5 AAA / Auto Club $1,212 $101
6 21st Century Insurance $1,236 $103
7 Nationwide $1,260 $105
8 Liberty Mutual $1,260 $105
State Average $1,272 $106

Fast, Free Auto Insurance Quotes

Across the entire Buckeye State, we discovered that Erie had the cheapest average monthly payment in Ohio of $92 per month. Other cheap car insurance alternatives in Ohio are Farmers, Travelers and State Farm.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Ohio by City}

We also reviewed users’ reported rates in various cities across Ohio, for the same driver profile. The city of Canton, home to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, had the cheapest cost at $1,170 for average yearly cost. Columbus, the capital of Ohio and in the center of the state, fell in the middle of the range with an average monthly payment of $113.

Rank CA City Average Yearly Cost Average Monthly Payment
1 Canton $1,170 $98
2 Dayton $1,212 $101
State Average $1,272 $106
3 Akron $1,308 $109
4 Cleveland $1,320 $110
5 Youngstown $1,320 $110
6 Columbus $1,344 $112
7 Cincinnati $1,368 $114
8 Toledo $1,380 $115
9 Hamilton $1,420 $118

Methodology For This Study

For this analysis, EverQuote collected self-reported monthly premiums from over two million users looking to save money on car insurance. This data, along with those users' current auto insurance company and ZIP code at the time of entry, allowed us to produce the study you see here. Similar to all drivers, EverQuote users do differ from one another in many ways that can affect the price of car insurance. The age of a driver as well as the number of motorists and cars in a household are just a few of the factors that can affect the cost of car insurance. We compared the rates reported by a subset of similar users to be sure we had a fair comparison of our numbers.